Alameda Antiques Faire

Today I visited The Alameda Point Antiques Faire

As a vintage hunter I can’t lie, it can be hard for me to visit Antique and Vintage Fairs. Buying vintage goods at re-sell prices can be expensive. But every time I visit the Alameda Antique Faire I leave with at least one great score (and I never budget more than $50!) and a beautiful view of San Francisco. This fair has over 800 booths and it is daunting and difficult to hunt through every one. I’ve been twice, both times with my family. The first visit we decided to start at the very front and work our way through, as most people do. We only got through half of the fair when we began to get tired and hungry. Note: if you plan to visit the Alameda Faire…bring a hat and extra water. There are no coverings at the fair and you are walking on an old airport base – no matter the season, it gets hot.

The back of the fair


vintage patches

This time, we decided to arrive later and begin in the back. It was difficult walking through the rows of vintage goodies without stopping to look, but it was worth it. The vendors at the back of the fair get less viewers (such as ourselves the first time we came). This makes them more likely to agree to haggling or eager to make a sale by lowering prices. Arriving later, around 11 A.M. or 12 P.M. allows for enough time to complete the fair in addition to 1.) not paying a higher entrance fee 2.) less crowds and  3.) sellers lowering prices. I’ve only been to a handful of antique and vintage fairs but I have to admit, this is the most expensive of the bunch. I believe they are competing with average Bay Area prices, but it can be disheartening. Most vintage clothing sellers price average if not higher than prices on Etsy – finding a dress for $20 or less is a real score. Furniture is usually even more expensive with most items priced over $100. What I love about this antique fair is the variety and uniqueness of vendors.  Sellers range from vintage clothing to small nursery vendors, and so much in between. One seller even has a small vintage bus that functions as a changing room! And you never quite know what you will find and fall in love with…