5 Shops on Etsy to Find The Perfect Gift

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Let me begin by saying, this is 1,000% opinion based. There are so many wonderful shops on Etsy, it would be impossible to list them all! It’s the holiday season, wallets are shrinking and palms are itching to spend money.  If you’re like me, you struggle every year to find the best gifts at the most affordable prices. So, I wanted to bring awareness to my top five favorite shops on Etsy (in no particular order) in hopes of helping even just one person during this season of joy!




Love retro, tattoo pin-up art? Then you are going to absolutely fall in love with the designs by Yuri Tagami, owner and designer of MischiefMadeMe. My favorite thing about this Etsy shop is that every time I visit, there is something new to offer. In fact, every season I find myself checking in on the shop to see what’s new! If you visit during Halloween season you may find a shirt featuring a sexy, pin-up witch. If you visit during Christmas season, you may find a cutsie Poodle holiday sweater. Not to mention the year round pin-up designs featuring hula girls, biker girls, mermaids, etc. – This shop has a little something for everyone, even the kids in your life (of course G rated!) Also,  this shop has plus sized clothing.  While I myself am not plus sized, I have plus sized family members and I know finding cute, affordable plus sized clothing can be exhausting and emotional. That’s why I love that MischiefMadeMe offers clothing from women’s Small – 3X!

mischief 2
MischiefMadeMe’s Joy Ride T-Shirt in Cream

MischiefMadeMe not only carries adorable designs for all types of women, but it’s afforable with prices ranging from $12 – $120. You’re certain to find a perfect gift for anyone in your family. Don’t believe me? Feel free to read over 8,000 reviews on their shop.

Oh yeah, and their model photos are absolutely adorable.




jen 1

You don’t have to be Latina to love this Etsy shop. But it helps! I found JenZeanoDesigns while searching for a gifts for my family and I. As a Chicana, I wanted gifts that symbolized pride for our culture. Luckily for me, (and now us) I found this shop!

Jen Zeano, the owner and designer of JenZeanoDesigns, provides modern, adorable designs for Latinas and feminists. With sayings such as, “Cabrona pero cute”,  “Not your Mamacita”, and “Girl Power Vibes” – you’re bound to find something for the rebel woman in your life. Her designs are featured on shirts, hats, tote bags, mugs, pillows, etc. and are limited. One of my biggest regrets is not buying her “Si Se Puede” shirt, that sat in my Etsy cart for weeks. When I finally decided to treat myself, it was gone! Oh yeah, and she has plus sizes as well, with clothing ranging from XS – 4XL.

Viva La Mujer Que Lucha shirt by JenZeanoDesigns

There’s no question why she’s made over 1,300 sales and each item has hundreds of favorites. Her designs are original, unique, and badass. Sure to make any woman who wears them feel powerful and beautiful!

Oh, and her model photos are adorable too!






I wish I owned this shop. While I do not know Megan personally, I follow her on Instagram and am always in awe at the items she seems to find and the dedication to her Etsy shop, boxofhollyhocks.

Her shop’s title, “An eclectic collection of vintage decor and clothing” could not be more spot on. With over 750 items in her shop, ranging from vintage Coach purses to French Bohemian Prayer rugs, you’re bound to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, especially the boho lover that marches to the beat of their own drum. Every item is priced accordingly to the age and rarity – you’ll be sure to get bang for your buck.

Mexican Taxco Large Onyx Necklace by boxofhollyhocks

One of my favorite things about boxofhollyhocks is the clarity and brightness of the photos. The lighting is perfect, the white background is classic and appealing, and the listings are uniform. Most importantly, any flaw is photographed and detailed.

Often times I find myself “window shopping” boxofhollyhocks just to see what new, unique items she has now!




This is my most recent favorite Etsy shop discovery. I’m a Dolly Parton fanatic, way before Dumplin was released. I began my search for an awesome Dolly Parton ornament as a Christmas gift to myself (no luck, btw) when I stumbled upon EartherealDesign’s Dolly Parton wrapping paper. If this wrapping paper was as cool as the rest of the shop, I had to dig deeper. And I’m so happy I did because I found one of the best kitschy print shops there is! This shop has something for everyone – I could literally buy everyone I know a Christmas gift from this shop. With content ranging from Beto O’ Rourke saint candles to Game of Thrones themed Christmas cards, this shop has it all.

They also have original, vintage and nature inspired themed prints that can be found on wrapping paper, art prints, cards, etc.

All Them Witches Art Print by EartherealDesign

Creator Cayce Matteoli began creating band posters and album art for musicians which transitioned to selling on Etsy – and aren’t we so glad that she did? Her creativity and talent makes for some perfect gifts this holiday season. And with over 4,000 sales, I know I’m not the only one who thinks this.

I urge you all to visit EartherealDesign, and if you’re anything like me, your favorites will be filled up with her items in no time.





This shop is so aesthetically pleasing. I don’t how or when I discovered this shop I just know I always find myself coming back. A number of times, I’ve searched for a specific item or print on Etsy and found one on FoxgloveMedia’s shop. I’ll favorite the item and go to favorite the shop when I notice, oh! I’ve been here before. With 1 short of shy 600 items in this shop, no wonder I’ve been led to the favorite button so many times.

Scott, the owner of FoxgloveMedia stated back in November, “The design goal is pretty simple; to produce the highest quality print version of the original design while honoring its vintage context.” This statement couldn’t be more apparent in his items. And I’m not the only one who thinks this, because a FoxgloveMedia design was featured in HGTV magazine!

Nice France Travel Poster Print by FoxgloveMedia

The attention to detail in each poster is stunning and the variety of content in his shop is unmatched. This shop holds high quality vintage inspired concert posters, travel posters, movie posters – the list goes on! You’re bound to find a poster design that appeals to you and your loved ones and that will look great in any home.





Oh yeah let me add a sixth shop to this list – mine! Don’t forget to also visit mujerandmoda’s Etsy shop for all of your vintage gift needs. We’re adding new items every day in preparation of the season of giving.

What did you think of my list? Did you purchase anything from one of them? What’s your go to Etsy shop for gifts. Leave a comment below ~ mujerandmoda

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